Directions to the Kayaking Event
Portville Heritage Day
To drive to the launch site for the kayaking event, follow these simple directions:

From the Village of Portville, you will take Route 417/305 near Red's and Trudy's to the
Toll Gate bridge, heading south on 305.  Just over the Toll Gate bridge about 1/4-1/2
mile is the Mill Grove bridge on the right hand side.  It leads to River Road and Gleason
Hollow Road.  You are now crossing the Allegany River.

On the other side of the Mill Grove bridge, turn right onto Gleason Hollow Road.  The
river access location will be marked with a sign near the road.  It is on private property
and their road gets muddy.  We request that you park on the Gleason Hollow Road to
prevent any damage to the owner's property in the event of poor conditions.  

There will be a team of volunteers to assist you if you need help unloading your own
kayak as well as unloading the boat carrier that we borrow from Portville Central

Last year, many of the participants brought their own kayaks.  If you choose to bring
your own kayak and paddle, life jacket, etc., please be advised that
you are still
required to sign a registration/waiver form prior to the launch
.  This is essentially a
"hold-harmless" agreement that absolves the Alumni Association as well as the property
owner from any responsibility for your safety.  Rest assured that Preston Van Curen,
our extreme sportsman guide, is very experienced and will help resolve any issues that
kayakers may get themselves into.  

This is a fun event for kayakers of all levels.  Depending on the weather leading up to
the day's event, there may be low spots in the river bed and you may have to drag your
boat through some shallow areas.  This spring has been very wet so far, so it is unlikely
that July will be very different.  But you never know!  Be prepared for anything.  If there
is lightning and thunder, the event will not take place.  Bring your hat and sunscreen
and hope for great weather!